At Healthy Indoor Consultants, I believe that nature is the gold standard.

Think of me as your calm and comforting friend who has your best interest at heart. I want to help you repair the indoor spaces where you spend your waking and sleeping hours.

Picture a beautiful springtime mountain valley, with a bubbling brook running through it, pure and rejuvenating sunshine beaming down, and a beautiful landscape to explore, full of wonder and possibility.

I think your indoor spaces should feel the same way.

Here is how I help you create the home that you desire, free of toxins and pollutants:

15-Minute Complimentary Discovery phone call

This allows me to get to know you, hear more about your concerns, and begin to create a plan to give you the healthy home, school, or work environment that you deserve. My goal is to help you return your indoor surroundings to their most natural and pure state.

Comprehensive Home Inspection

I will visit your home, and conduct a multi-part, comprehensive inspection. Using scientific tools, guidelines, and methods, I will gather data that will help me to identify your most pressing indoor EMR/EMF concerns.

$150/Hour with a 4 hour minimum.  Please note: Homes larger than 2,000 sq. ft. may require additional time and will be charged by the hour.

Health-Centered, Holistic Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Once I have had a chance to evaluate the data, we will work collaboratively to create a unique plan of action that will help you create a healthy, safe indoor environment for you and your loved ones.

I only work with and recommend products and solutions from leading, trusted Businesses that are as dedicated to home safety and health as I am. 

While your recommendations will be tailored to your unique needs, you can view many of my favorite products that can help you detect and protect you from EMRs/EMFs here.

For clients outside of Florida (or anyone!):

For clients in Florida but outside of brevard county:

Phone and Zoom consultations are available.  While in-person measurements are not available for distance clients, I am happy to provide advice and suggestions to mitigate your concerns.  Distance consultations are offered for $45/15 minute intervals up to 45 minutes, where the price would change to $150/hour.

Schedule your Free Discovery Phone Call

Additional travel expenses may be incurred: $35 per hour and IRS mileage fee of $0.625 per mile

Kind words from clients like you.

"I have worked formally with Henry Eckstein in his capacity as a Building Biology consultant from start to finish on one house I have designed, and ad hoc on others. I have found him to be very, very knowledgeable, current in his information, efficient, and clear; he has inspired high confidence in me and in my clients. He is also a delight to be a part of the team. I recommend him without reservation to others, and I look forward to working with him on future projects".


"My consultation with Henry at Healthy Indoor Consultants was a highly educational experience. I knew next to nothing about the dangers of EMFs, but Henry explained everything so patiently and clearly so that it all made sense. As I spoke with him I began to be concerned that it would be quite expensive to improve my home environment. Much to my surprise he was able to give me several very easy, practical, and cost effective remedies - all of which I was able to do on my own! Henry really knows his stuff, and I found him to be extremely enjoyable to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a healthier home."


"Since my meeting with Henry, my overall awareness of emf/rf stressors is better, and I have shared that information with my family and others. I have been turning off the power to my sleeping area at night and make sure to always have fresh airflow from outside. My lighting is now all full spectrum incandescent, and I connect over ethernet cables with airplane modes turned on. I feel safer in this small space and am generally more aware now thanks to Henry’s help. I can recommend these services with confidence it will do the same for others."

J. W.

"I would gladly tell anyone to use Healthy Indoor Consultants….Henry is knowledgeable, honest and is sincere in wanting to help people experience better quality of life."

M. P.

Your home should foster your healthy lifestyle, not hinder it. I can help!

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