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Quality is at the core of every home you build. But are you certain your building materials and home sites are as safe as possible for your clients?

The truth is, it can be hard to know for sure.

Many commercial building materials on the market today are full of chemical toxins that off-gas over time. And, build sites often have pre-existing issues that are invisible to the naked eye - like dangerous electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) or other water or air-borne pollutants.

Most of the time, we have no idea what is in the walls, air, and water where we spend most of our time. In fact, according to the EPA, 65% of the buildings where we spend our lives are six to ten times more polluted than outdoor city air!

Without proper testing and mitigation, you may be putting the health of your workers and clients at risk for unexplained, frustrating, or even devastating health complications such as:

• Sleep problems
• Headaches
• Muscle and joint pain
• Breathing and respiratory trouble

• Stress and Irritability
• Cognitive issues
• Infertility
• Increased risk of cancer

You want to ensure the homes you build are as healthy and safe as possible, but it can feel daunting to keep up with evolving regulations, to vet quality health-conscious products, and to evaluate the risks of each unique build site.

At Healthy Indoor Consultants, I believe it should not be a hassle to build high-quality, health-centered homes. Your clients will love it!

I understand how overwhelming it is to stay up to date as more and more options become available to make homes greener, more energy efficient, and healthier.

You need a partner who helps you make the greatest impact for you and your client. You want to make sure you are not wasting money or labor on things that do not work.

As a Building Biology certified consultant, I am trained to scientifically review your build plans, materials, and sites, in order to make customized recommendations that improve wellness, reduce environmental toxins, and bring the indoor environments you build closer to nature.

Let me help you take the research and guesswork out of the equation so that you can get back to what you do best - building dream homes and serving your clients well.

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Proud to be recognized and certified as


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering,
University of California,


Building Biology
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist


Building Biology Environmental Consultant


Building Biology
New-Build Consultant

Whether you are a contractor, architect, or developer, my services can guide you towards comprehensive solutions that create greener, healthier, and more profitable projects:

• Scientific site evaluations and build recommendations that will minimize EMFs, interior toxins, and exposure to other natural hazards.
• I make use of multiple product databases centered around energy efficiency, non-toxic and natural materials, improved air and water quality, moisture control, and EMF solutions.
• Customized homeowner’s manuals that empower clients to maintain the nature-centered atmospheres that you create in their new homes.

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Prioritizing health on your build sites can be simple.

Here is how to get started.


    Schedule a free  15-min discovery phone call

I will learn more about you, your build site, your client concerns, and how I may be able to help.


evaluate your build site and construction plans

Using professional, scientific testing tools and techniques, I will conduct a thorough inspection of your site and plans to bring to light any existing risk factors.



Make a plan

I will use the results of our tests to create a plan that addresses your unique needs - minimizing or removing as many of the risk factors as possible through build placement, health-conscious materials selection, and construction recommendations.



I do not just help remove the issues, I review the effectiveness of our mitigation and follow up to make sure your team and clients are feeling all the benefits of a pure living space.

What if a few simple changes to your build plans could reduce environmental toxins from the homes you build, and improve the health and wellness of your team and clients? A free 15-minute discovery phone call is the first step toward finding out.

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Kind words from clients like you.

"I have worked formally with Henry Eckstein in his capacity as a Building Biology consultant from start to finish on one house I have designed, and ad hoc on others. I have found him to be very, very knowledgeable, current in his information, efficient, and clear; he has inspired high confidence in me and in my clients. He is also a delight to be a part of the team. I recommend him without reservation to others, and I look forward to working with him on future projects".


"My consultation with Henry at Healthy Indoor Consultants was a highly educational experience. I knew next to nothing about the dangers of EMFs, but Henry explained everything so patiently and clearly so that it all made sense. As I spoke with him I began to be concerned that it would be quite expensive to improve my home environment. Much to my surprise he was able to give me several very easy, practical, and cost effective remedies - all of which I was able to do on my own! Henry really knows his stuff, and I found him to be extremely enjoyable to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a healthier home."


"Since my meeting with Henry, my overall awareness of emf/rf stressors is better, and I have shared that information with my family and others. I have been turning off the power to my sleeping area at night and make sure to always have fresh airflow from outside. My lighting is now all full spectrum incandescent, and I connect over ethernet cables with airplane modes turned on. I feel safer in this small space and am generally more aware now thanks to Henry’s help. I can recommend these services with confidence it will do the same for others."

J. W.

"I would gladly tell anyone to use Healthy Indoor Consultants….Henry is knowledgeable, honest and is sincere in wanting to help people experience better quality of life."

M. P.

According to Building Biology, nature is the gold standard.

When you bring the internal environment closer to nature, you bring your body as close to healing as possible.

When we think of pollution, most of us picture big clouds of grey smog caused by cars and factories. But in reality...

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When we think of pollution, most of us picture big clouds of grey smog caused by cars and factories. But in reality the places we spend most of our time - our homes and workplaces - can be even more polluted by EMF and environmental hazards than the outdoors.

It is not that people don’t want safe, toxin-free homes. There is just a lack of information available regarding EMF exposure and environmental pollutants; the industry giants that are profiting from making homes faster, cheaper, “smarter”, do not have any interest in educating you on the potential risks and the available simple solutions.

It can feel frustrating and overwhelming to find the time to stay up to date with constantly evolving environmental regulations and green building concepts. And, when you do make the time, it can feel like you are being “marketed to” while you are just beginning to decipher the gimmicks from the quality solutions.

While I cannot promise to make all of your building concerns completely disappear, I can make it easier to seek out and address the environmental issues you are able to mitigate. Together, we can help you build safer, healthier homes - for your construction teams, for your clients, and for the earth we all share.

You deserve a hassle-free building experience so you can create the purest environment possible for your clients. I can help.

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