EMFSafe Cutoff Switch & PQ Filter

EMF/RF goes through walls. The wires in the wall next to your bed are putting out an electromagnetic field 6-8 feet ALL NIGHT . . . unless you switch off the circuit at the fuse box. 70%+ of most peoples cumulative load originates in their home.

The EMFSafeSwitch remotely and safely switches OFF these circuits . . . reducing your load thus supporting your immune system.

We have so many "smart" devices all putting out microwave signals (WiFi and bluetooth) continuously. We live in a soup of RF (radio frequency). Turning off these "smart" features whenever you can helps reduce cumulative load especially at night when they are not even needed.

As far as all your appliances go it is not any one item but all of them combined that does the damage, again the cumulative load. That said, the more you unplug and/or keep away from you during the day and cut off the circuit at night the better off you are.

List Price: $888 to $2,345

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List Price: $888 to $2,345


Product Information

Important ordering information:
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Neutral and Power (NP)

 “NP” Wiring turns off the neutral and power simultaneously for safer earthing/grounding and disconnects the source of electronic harmonics (dirty electricity). Each relay handles 1 NP & 1 SP circuit giving you maximum zone control.

Standard Power (SP)
“SP” Wiring turns off the power line only. A circuit = 1x 120 volt circuit breaker in your electrical panel. A relay is a remote controlled switch.
Each relay can optionally switch 3 SP circuits.

”DE”/EMI PQFilter™
If you are concerned with and/or affected by “dirty electricity - DE” you need a whole house, 24/7, “Dirty Electricity DE”, Electromagnetic Interference, power quality PQFilter™ built into your EMFSafeSwitch.

Control Zones
Zones allow you to switch your circuits at different times, e.g. turn the children’s room(s) off first (zone 1) then your room off later (zone 2). “NP” circuits can be controlled individually, “SP” circuits in groups of three. Other than the SP-06 which is 2 zones only, all switches are available in 2 or 4 zone options. In the store there is a drop down menu for you to allocate circuits to zones. Call your affiliate or us if you have questions.

HP = High Power (240VAC)
“HP” If you have any 240VAC (high power) circuits to turn off - they require a separate “HP” switch. Our normal ”HP” switch handles up to 40AMPS. If your 240VAC circuit is more than 40 AMPs we need to know.

MP = Manual Power
”MP” offers SAFE Manual Disconnect. No remote control. This switch is installed on the wall next to your panel and has one or two manual switches on the side. Perfect for when remote control is not required and/or for circuits that are used occasionally or seasonally. May even be a solution in a small/“tiny” house.

“UL” stands for Underwriters Laboratory who are a third party certification organization that certifies the safety of electrical products. This is not only required by law it also protects you. Can any electrician build a “cut-off” device? Yes, but if they are not UL (or other third party certified) it would not be legal (or safe) according to NEC code.

UL (third party testing) is a code requirement
The EMFSafeSwitch is built in a 508A UL industrial control panel shop and come as a complete unit ready to install. Being UL listed they are safe for your home, will pass building inspection and not risk voiding your home owners insurance (which a non-UL listed product could).

Can any electrician build a “kill” switch?

Yes BUT: not legally per the National Electrical Code (NEC) which states certain electrical equipment requires a 3rd party inspection for safety. For our product we use UL (Underwriters Laboratory) because they the oldest and most recognized certification agency . They inspect and certify that our product is in compliance, meet the requirements and allows us to give it a UL listing. Even a kit made of UL listed parts is NOT a certified product because it is not 3rd party inspected for safety.

What does this mean for the consumer?

If a "kill switch" is installed without 3rd. party certification a building inspector could (should) have you remove it. In case of a claim, if your insurance company finds a non-certified product, it could void your home owners insurance.


Warranty / Returns / Restocking
All switches are covered by an 18 month warranty, parts and materials.

Products returns in good condition within 30 days of purchase will be refunded with a $30 restocking fee in addition to extra expenses incurred like bank processing fees. $10 on BVK's. Once a switch has been installed we cannot accept it back due to UL licensing restrictions.

Facts about “Kits”
A typical kit costs about $340, and handles 4 circuits and has only 1x zone (read the small print). This does not include the enclosure, mounting rail, conduit or wires that your electrician must supply (+$100). We are told by electricians it takes 3 - 5 hours to assemble @ $100 - $150 per hour (+$300 - $750). So an assembled 4x “SP” circuits, 1x zone KIT = $740 - $1,190 and is NOT UL listed (see below*). To add each additional zone and 4 “SP” circuits costs +$140.

A 12x (SP) circuit, 3 zone kit therefore costs $620 + $100 (parts) + $300 - $750 (assembly/labor) so ACTUAL cost of an assembled kit = $1,020 - $1,470 . . . and is NOT UL LISTED*, does meet NEC code And has a power supply that creates “DE”.

EMFSafeSwitch 12 “SP” circuits, 4 zones (ready to install) $1,212.30 . . . UL LISTED and low EMF.

* The parts in the kit are UL listed but NEC code states that when 3 or more parts are put together in a new enclosure you are creating a new product which requires it’s own UL inspection. Therefore, even a kit of UL parts assembled outside of a UL shop is NOT UL, does not meet NEC code - and could void your home owners insurance.

All of the parts EMFSafe uses in the EMFSafeSwitch are also UL listed AND we spend thousands of dollars to be a 508A UL listed industrial panel shop so that our assembled switch (finished product) can be UL listed (third party certified) so you are protected and can . . . LiveEMFSafe.

List Price: $140/KIT