Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B EMF Meter

By Gigahertz Solutions

Best Selling Entry Level EMF Meters / GaussMeters - Measures AC Electric Fields and AC Magnetic Fields - 16 Hertz to 100 000 Hertz - Increased Frequency Range for Dirty Electricity

List Price: $249.35/Meter

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Product Information

Our Best Selling Entry Level EMF Meter

    * Best frequency detection in its price range
    * Offers all the features of the ME3030B plus a boosted Frequency Range
    * 98% accuracy in a frequency range of 16 Hertz to 100 000 Hertz translates into source identification confidence
    * Capture all low frequency polluters, sources such as all standard household appliances, electrical wiring, wiring errors, power lines and transformers
    * Identifies higher frequency sources such as energy efficient appliances, fluorescent and CFL lighting, dimmer switches and computer monitors
    * Evaluates electrical aberrations such as dirty electricity and power line transients
    * All Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meters are backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty

"Know for sure" What EMF Levels you are being exposed to...
                                                                Own a Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meter
The Gigahertz Solutions - ME3830B EMF Meter is designed to meet Building Biology EMF Measurement Performance Requirements
** Extended Frequency Range to 100,000 Hz

List Price: $249.35/Meter

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          Supplied with:

    * ME3830B EMF Meter
    * Users' Guide
    * 2 Year Warranty Certificate
    * Grounding Cable – 17 foot - for AC electric field measurements
    * 9V Alkaline Battery
    * Carrying Case

Key Features

   * Auto Power Off: saves on battery use – will auto-power off after 40 min of continuous EMF testing
    * Audible Tone: audio assessment - audio signal proportional to field strength – (Geiger Counter Effect)
    * LCD Display: easy to read 3.5 digit display
    * Power Supply: 9 Volt alkaline battery included
    * Battery Low Indicator: meter will auto-power off 3 minutes following battery low signal display
    * Operating Time: alkaline disposable provides 24 - 36 hours of continuous EMF testing
    * AC Electric Field: Value displayed in Volts per meter
    * AC Magnetic Fields: Value displayed in nT. Note: 100 nT = 1 mG (conversion table on back of unit for convenience)
    * Single Axis Measurement: Beneficial for source detection

List Price: $242/Meter


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