RCS4 Remote Cut Off Switch Kit

By Safe Living Technologies

If you are looking to eliminate EMF exposure from your homes wiring, especially in your bed room, the Remote Cut Off Switch is a great choice. Most residential homes still use unshielded wiring (Romex, Knob and Tube) which causes increased electric fields. With a press of a single button, one can shutoff up to 4 branch circuits in the home without having to physically flip the breaker switch.

List Price: $350 to $575 / Kit

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Product Information

The Remote Cut Off Switch also is recommended to be installed when using an RF Shielding Bed Canopy. If the home has unshielded wiring, electric fields can be attracted to the metal woven into the fabric and increase the electric fields present. That’s why it is necessary to measure using an EMF meter and an RF meter before and after installing these products.

RCS4 Remote Cut Off Switch Kit EMF Protection Turns On and Turns Off Specific Circuits with the Push of a Button. Protection Against AC Electric Fields Including Dirty Electricity as well as Many Other Practical Applications. This kit includes one 24 Amp 12 Volt DC Contactor to turn off up to 4 circuits at once. Additional contactors can be purchased in order to turn off additional circuits.

Designed to eliminate AC Electric fields including “Dirty Electricity” in sleeping areas when prompted by the remote!

Sleeping areas are typically surrounded by a curtain of Electric Fields from live electrical house wiring. The offending wiring is located inside the ceilings, walls and floors and is used to supply power to lights and receptacles in a particular room. These wires constantly emit Electric Fields even when all lights, electronics and appliances are turned off. These Electric Fields can only be eliminated by shutting off the power at the source (ie. flipping off a breaker / removing a fuse). This is effective but not practical in most cases, so we offer another solution. The remote cutoff switch works by shutting off the power at the breaker panel / fuse box when you push the button on the remote control transmitter. Once the need for power arises, simply push the button again to turn the power back on. This can be done conveniently at bedtime without leaving the comfort of your bed. This approach deals directly with the source of the problem and offers effective protection from AC Electric Fields including Dirty Electricity. A highly sensitive receiver transforms an analog RF signal from the remote control transmitter and switches designated circuits and appliances on or off on command. The transmission signal only occurs the instant the remote control is pressed,otherwise it is idle. Included with the switch is a 4 port contactor which allows up to 4 circuits to be controlled by the push of a button. With additional contactors, the remote can control up to four different sets of contactors (or zones) where each button on the remote would control different circuits throughout the home.

“Know for sure” that you are protected from AC Electric Fields. A good night’s sleep is just a switch away.

List Price: $350 to $575/KIT

Click here to order with 5% (or more) DISCOUNT

Supplied With:

    * Remote Cut Off Switch: Qty = 1
    * Contactor 4 Circuit 24 Amp, 12 VDC:
       Qty = 1 (40 amp also available)
    * Remote Transmitter: Qty = 2
    * Antenna (9 Foot Cable): Qty = 1
    * I/O Cable: Qty = 1
    * Power Supply: Qty = 1
    * DIN Mounting Rail 4 - 6 inch: Qty = 1
    * Installation Guide
    * Warning Stickers: To be installed on
       controlled circuits and breaker panel
    * 2 year warranty

Additional Parts (Supplied by your Installer):

    * 10" x 10" Electrical Enclosure "D" Type
    * Conduit to Main Electrical Panel
    * Mounting Hardware


Optional Accessories:

* Additional 4 Circuit Contactor:
   Allows for 4 more branch circuits to be 
   controlled.    When choosing a contactor,
   it is important to select one that is
   properly rated for the individual branch
   circuits it will be controlling, resistive
   loads and inductive loads must be
   considered.  (24 Amp and 40 Amp
   Contactors are available)
* Additional Hand Held Transmitter:
   Control Cutoff Switches from multiple
   locations  with an additional transmitter
* Extended Antenna with 50 foot cable



* Operating Voltage: 10-15 VDC
* Static Current: ≤6 mA
* Output Current: ≤ 10 A
* Size: 100 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm (WxLxH)
* Receiver Sensitivity: -105dB
* Operating Frequency: 433 Mhz,
       analogue, coded – approx. 100 meters
* In Case of Failure:
      Switch can be unplugged
* Control Lights:
      Green ON   = Circuit Disconnected
      Green OFF = Circuit On
*  Battery for Remote Control:
       23A - 12V Battery
* Mounting: Separate electrical box
                          beside the breaker panel
* Warranty: 2 year manufacturers warranty


User Manual:



List Price: $140/KIT