Freaking-Out about 5G?

Freaking-Out about 5G?

You are not alone!

What actually is 5G?

5G is the latest cellular technology.

It does not refer to a frequency such as 5 GHz (GigaHertz) as many believe. 5G LTE actually stands for 5th Generation Long Term Evolution.

5G deployment began in 2019, with promises of faster speed and enhanced connectivity, as well as much lower latency (delay) in our communications. However, for various reasons, the 5G rollout has not gone as smoothly or as quickly as expected.

Yet engineers are already planning for 6G even though all of the components of 5G have not yet been rolled out!

5G is not one thing. It is not a single frequency. In fact, it covers a WIDE range of frequencies.

Essentially there are 3 frequency ranges for 5G:

1) Low Band: Less than 1 GHz

2) Mid Band: 1 GHz to 6 GHz

3) High Band (also referred to as Ultra Wideband or UW): 24 GHz to 40 GHz

Most of the frequencies in the 5G low and mid bands were already used in 4G.

In fact, much of the 5G network sits on existing 4G infrastructure and works with 4G phones (although they won’t receive the enhanced 5G speed).

The high band of 5G is also referred to as millimeter waves (the higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength, which is the difference between peaks.)

The GOOD NEWS is that the high band actually cannot go very far, just a few hundred feet and is easily blocked (even by raindrops, windows, leaves, etc.).

As such, it is only deployed in dense urban environments and areas where crowds of people congregate such as sports stadiums and convention centers.

There was a plan to put small 5G low power antennas along residential streets every few hundred feet or so, but thank goodness there seems to still be technical issues.

Even though the potential health impact of high frequency electromagnetic radiation has been studied extensively, 5G is so new that there are not many, if any, peer reviewed studies on its effect on the human body and other living entities.

The fact that there is limited validated science, however, is irrelevant since the FCC does not accept ANY current scientific evidence of EMF’s impact on our health.

So, the current media, news outlets, Wikipedia, etc. treats anyone suggesting that there is possible dangers from extended cell phone usage, strong Wi-fi, EMFs in general as fringe lunatics or conspiracy theorists.

By the way, I know many savvy EMF-aware people have some great meters. But guess what! Unless you bought a specific meter in the past few months that was specifically built to measure the high band, your meter will not detect high band 5G at all.*

Just saying!

*There is now finally a meter available to measure these 5G bands that does not cost over 5 figures!

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Note: This meter will not pick up the 5G low or mid bands

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