Make Bedrooms Healthy Spaces

Make Bedrooms Healthy Spaces

Here are ten easy tips to help you to do this

1. Remove all electrical devices: Remove as many electrical devices from the bedroom as possible. These include radios, TV’s, answering machines, VCR’s, lamps, computers, etc. If you must have some of these things in the bedroom, keep them at least six feet from your body. Unplug all these devices before sleep.

2. TV: Place your bed at least three yards from a TV. A TV can be dangerous even when it is turned off. Remove it completely or unplug it at night.

3. Avoid metal bed frames and metal spring mattresses: Metal frames often carry a damaging magnetic field. Replace with wooden bed frames that are free of toxic glues and finishes. Remove all metal boxes, typewriters and wires from under your bed. Avoid mattresses with metal springs. Natural mattresses without metal springs are sometimes difficult to find. A natural futon mattress is more available and comes in sizes from three to eight inches thick.

4. Avoid electric blankets: These are dangerous. A person’s normal voltage is less than 1 millivolt. An electric blanket can surround you with up to 76,000 millivolts! Far better to use a natural blanket, comforter or flannel sheets during the winter.

5. Cut electricity to the bedrooms (see below): This is one of the most effective ways to make bedrooms healthy spaces.  A “demand switch” or “cut-off-switch” automatically cuts the flow of electricity to the bedroom when there is no demand for it. Its purpose is to eliminate electric stress to the body while sleeping. You can turn off circuit breakers to the bedroom from your bedside using a small remote-control device. The cutoff switch needs to cut electricity to any wall, floor or ceiling surrounding the bedroom. Since cutoff switches often just turn off the hot wire, it is possible that the neutral wire is affected through induction by other wiring in the house. It may be necessary to turn off more than the bedroom circuits.

6. Avoid waterbeds: These are very dangerous. It’s like sleeping under a high-tension line. Stagnant water is depleting to the system and holds an electromagnetic charge that derives from the heating element.

7. Avoid ionization-type smoke detectors: These can ruin your sleep, especially if they are in the bedroom. This is one reason it is hard to get a good night’s sleep in hotels. Each room usually has a radioactive smoke alarm. The damaging effects can extend up to 50 feet. Dr. John Ott believes ionizing smoke detectors can cause impotence. He says flowers will wilt when put in front of them. Non-ionizing smoke detectors without the radioactive material are readily available at big-box building supply outlets.

8. AC magnetic fields: Do not place your bed near a refrigerator, computer, furnace, aquarium or TV, even if they are on the other side of the wall. Raise your bed at least 16 inches from the floor to avoid magnetic fields from wiring in the floor.

9. Do not sleep directly above a garage: Because of the metal in the car there might be distorted geomagnetic fields. Garages are also a source of pollution unless they are completely sealed in an airtight fashion, which is not the usual case.

10. Remove baby monitors from a crib: They emit very strong EMF’s. Note: Unfortunately, It is next to impossible to buy a baby monitor these days that do not use wi-fi. Babies are many times more susceptible than adults to being injured from EMFs! At the very least, keep the baby monitor as far away from the crib as possible.

For a remote cutoff switch that is UL approved I recommend

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 You will need to hire a licensed electrician to install it

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