Reduce EMF Exposure at Home

Minimize EMFs in your home

Reduce EMFs in your home

You can reduce EMF exposure in your home at low to no cost! Most people who contact me with concerns about EMF exposure tell me that their biggest concern is either from Smart Meters, Cell Towers or 5G. When I inspect their home, the worst source of electromagnetic radiation comes from their cell phones and other “smart” devices.

The power density coming from outside their home, might be between hundreds or a few thousand microwatts/meter squared (uW/m2). That is indeed extreme! However, then I show them the readings on my meters using a directional antennas. Their cell phones, cordless phones and wi-fi usually read in the hundreds of thousands to over one million uW/m2.

The most important advice that I give to most of my clients to reduce EMF exposure in their home is:

  • Put your cell phone in airplane mode when not in use (including turning off Bluetooth).
  • Turn off your cellphones at night and charge them in a different room from where you sleep.
  • Replace your DECT (cordless) phones with corded phones. The base stations that charge the cordless phones are like mini cell towers, broadcasting extreme levels of EMF 24/7. (Corded phones can be purchased for as little as $15).
  • Unplug your wi-fi routers at night. Also, unplug any other devices that communicate with the wi-fi router such as your smart TVs.
  • Even better, get rid of wi-fi altogether! Instead, connect all computers, TVs, and other smart devices to you router using shielded and grounded internet cables.
  • Avoid the use of unnecessary Bluetooth devices such as a wireless keyboard, mouse, microphones and speakers. Obtain wired versions instead.
  • Unplug everything in your bedroom at night before going to sleep.

With the exception of purchasing inexpensive corded phones to replace the DECT phones, all of these actions cost nothing and will protect you against some of the worst EMF exposure within your home.

The best EMF protection in your home is free!  Read my blog on EMR and our health.

Here is a great article on Wi-fi and computers in our home.

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