We Are Electrical Beings

We Are Electrical Beings

We Are Electrical Beings!

Billions of electrical functions are running every second throughout our body. Our cells have an electrical potential (voltage) with measurable current flow within the fibers of our nerves.

  • Electrocardiograms measure the electrical processes of the heart in the millivolt range.
  • Electro-encephalograms measure the brain processes in the even more sensitive microvolt range.
  • Cardiac pacemakers generate, with one millivolt, electricity which assists in the stimulation of the heart muscle.
  • Medicine has defined the time of death by the end of electrical energy in the brain.
  • There is no life without electric voltages. All our billions of cells are producing more than 100,000 biophysical and biochemical functions per second.
  • It is now believed that low frequency electromagnetic exposure disrupts the subtle electrical communication systems within our cells, while higher frequencies disrupt cellular structural bonds. 1

Individual levels of sensitivity to these fields varies, but human health problems fall into two equally concerning categories:

  1. Neurological (behavioral abnormalities, learning disabilities, altered biological cycles and stress responses)
  2. The production and proliferation of cells (embryos, healing, and cancer).

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Studies

Scientific studies show that even low level EMR exposures affect not only the health of our brains but also the integrity of our genomes and our ability to produce healthy offspring. 2

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  2. Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure on the Antioxidant Defense System,” PubMed Central (PMC), last modified October 2017


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